Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
Vuelos en Globo Colombia
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Amancio Sánchez Navarro is a hot air balloon pilot licensed by AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea) in commercial air transport and PGL 009 Colombian license.

As a commercial pilot he has a 19 year experience flying balloons from different sizes, from 1 to 14 passenger capacity. 
In 2011 along with Adriana Gómez, he imported to Colombia his first hot air balloon aiming to establish an operation base in Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape in order to offer tourist and advertising flights, under the trade name Globos Colombia. 
Nowadays, Globos Colombia is one of the only two companies, operated by the aerial work company Aviones publicitarios de Colombia-Aerial Sign, which is authorized to operate with balloons across the country.
Globos Colombia is a company that offers a high-impact advertising tool and the experience of discovering from the sky the Coffee Cultural Landscape’s richness through a hot air balloon. 
To provide a comprehensive, opportune, and with the highest standards of safety service, the company has   appropriate technical resources and technological equipment, and a highly qualified human team. Also Globos Colombia aims to create value to its employees, customers and suppliers. 
By 2020 Globos Colombia aims to establish itself as the leading company in Colombia’s hot air balloon industry, revealing the advertising and tourism potential offered by this activity. 
It will also be recognized as an innovative element in promoting the Coffee Cultural Landscape, and achieve a brand positioning under higher standards of safety, quality, responsibility and sustainability.
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